About Us

In 2018, after a trip like many other trips, the founder of the Company had a brief and interesting meeting with Vietnamese friends, peers and companions in Tokyo.

Since then, with the charm of meeting, the same interests, forte and passion connecting the quintessence of Japan and Vietnam, new business ideas have gradually formed clearly.

With the members’ passion, knowledge and experience in international trade, Japanese language skills, and extensive relationships in Japan, the Company has launched another key business segment, which is Japanese consumer goods.

The existing respect and admiration of Vietnamese people for Japanese goods, which have existed for many generations, has gradually formed the habit of shopping Japanese goods, which can be said to have become a habit for middle class in Vietnam for reasons of safety, reliability, hygiene, sophistication …

Facing challenges of the early years of this decade, the Company still believes that it will contribute the role of “carrying full boat”, long-term maintaining the love of Japanese goods in the hearts of Vietnamese people.

The goal of our company is not only conquering the Vietnamese market with Japanese manufacturers, but on the contrary, also accompanying with the Vietnamese market to conquer “fastidious” Japanese manufacturers, in order to bring to Vietnamese consumers the best products with the best services, at the most competitive prices.

We, along with the distribution chain along the length of Japan, always demand to work with distributors in Vietnam to bring customers new and interesting experiences when using Japanese consumer products.

Let’s enjoy the fun of discovering the products that we are offering and we will offer!